Empower Yourself

Life does not happen to you. Life happens through you. Empower yourself and regain control.

Empower Yourself - Spiritual Meditations
Is that latest self help kick you are on damaging your life?

Self-help and self improvement resources can be a fantastic source of inspiration towards bettering one's self - but there can be a nasty side to them as well.

It all comes down to how you are using that self-help advice in your life. If you are keeping your focus on what needs to change i.e. what is "wrong" with you, then your attention and efforts remain with what is "wrong" or what you dislike about yourself. Believe it or not, this is not a positive thing. This is not self-love.  This type of behavior is limiting and potentially destructive.

What we focus our attention on expands. Our conditions in life are a result of our past thoughts. Our condition tomorrow, or for that matter, in the next few moments, will be influenced by the thoughts we have right now.  We have a thought, we act based on that thought, and our actions then create our present condition in life. So what we think about ourselves has everything to do with who we are in the world.

Placing your efforts on what you want to eliminate in life, keeps your thoughts and motions on that past condition, rather than keeping your thoughts and efforts moving forward to where you want to be. It's like taking steps backwards, or in the least, halting you in your tracks.

Think of it this way: You are disappointed that you are out of orange juice - your present condition - so you put on shoes and coat and prepare yourself to walk a few blocks to the store - The condition in life you want to achieve. Just to be sure you need orange juice, you go back and look in the fridge. Disappointedly you say "Yep, I am out of juice". So you head to the door and stop. "Wait, am I really out of juice? Oh that's right, I'm unhappy because I just checked and I now I want to go to the store". You get out the door, on your way but you only get a few blocks and stop in your tracks and remember:"Am I out of juice? I better go check!" Then you remember that you were disappointed and already headed to the store to get the juice and you begin to walk again. This goes on a hundred or so times, each time re-enforcing your disappointment and your negative thoughts about your situation until several hours later you have arrived at your destination payed for your juice and arrive at home. Mission accomplished. Would you have arrived there faster if you didn't put energy and time in to dwelling on your lack?

Now imagine keeping your attention on only what you want to be, and the joys of the reward, rather than focusing on your dissatisfaction of what you think you lack. Your only thoughts are on getting to the store and returning home to enjoy your juice. You keep you attention on the best route to take, the right places to step while looking for opportunities to make the trip more enjoyable and swifter. You envision just how great it will be to get where you want to be. You are empowered and energized. You complete your goal - in short order, and you had an enjoyable time getting there.

We can put our full attention on only one thing at a time. Are you slowing down your progress by dwelling on the wrong things in life, or are you briskly moving towards your goal by keeping your attention on where you want to be?

Our concept is simple

Our concept is simple: Every one of your actions or lack of action begins with a thought. If you change the way you think, you change your actions, and thus change you life. Our guided meditations help you to release the old limiting thoughts that used to hold you back.

Empower Yourself

Life is exactly what you make of it. Your past choices and actions have led you to the place where you are today. Decisions made by others entangle with your own and creates either harmony or chaos. You have the ability to return to, and stay on, a path of higher expression; a place where you feel at peace and life moves freely with ease and grace. Empowerment is your God-given gift of control over your life. It is your free will to make decisions in your life and reap the results. Empowering yourself is to regain, and, then maintain control in your life. Then you are increasingly at ease with all conditions that come your way. You become firm while yielding, solid yet fluid.

Each of us sees the world as we are, not as the world is. When aligned with Spirit, you are no longer bound by old tribal thoughts and programming, but are free to see the world with fresh eyes. You gain a greater awareness of how the world really works, rather than how you presently "think" it works. As you enlighten and grow, the world enlightens and grows around you. What a person does for themselves, they do for the world. The truth of the world resides in you, just below the surface; tethered by false understandings innocently handed down to us by parents, teachers, friends, family and strangers. Releasing these old confining thought patterns allows new truths to bubble freely to the surface. Slowly at first, but as they awaken, more follow with increasing, and sometimes, startling regularity.

Personal Spiritual Empowerment is not about selfish gain. but rather increasing your awareness and rising in consciousness. Thus allowing you to hold the space for all of humanity to follow, just as great spiritual leaders and teachers throughout the past have done and continue to do for all of us. As you raise your level of thought you also raise your quality of life -- sometimes in ways that you had never dreamed, sometimes exactly as you had imagined. Higher thought always empowers you to create a better quality of life.

Personal empowerment is inner change. All inner change eventually manifests as outer change. All of your actions begin in thought. By changing the way you think, you alter the way you act. And when you change how you act, you change how you live. Empowered thought results in leading an empowered life. Are you willing to give yourself permission to lead a more powerful life?

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